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Behavioral health provider to offer intensive outpatient program for adults and seniors

LUBBOCK, Texas (June 12, 2023) – Oceans Behavioral Hospital Lubbock, a behavioral health provider focused on healing and long-term recovery, today announced the opening of a new Intensive Outpatient Program for adults 18 and older. The treatment program allows individuals to manage their behavioral health needs while maintaining their current living arrangements.

The hospital provides specialized treatment for adults managing a variety of mental health conditions, including depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, and behavioral changes related to Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias. In this new program, licensed medical and mental health professionals will guide each patient and their family through individually designed treatment programs that include diagnosis and symptom education.

“We believe mental health treatment isn’t one-size-fits-all and understand the best care for each individual isn’t always in an inpatient hospital setting,” said Marybeth Moran, administrator of Oceans Behavioral Hospital Lubbock. “For individuals who require dedicated care but desire flexible scheduling, our Intensive Outpatient Program is an ideal treatment option.”

Each intensive outpatient treatment plan is tailored to an individual’s unique needs and progress. As patients improve, the frequency of counseling decreases while they transition to traditional outpatient treatment.

Texas ranks last in the nation for access to mental health care according to the 2023 Mental Health America report. Recognizing a growing need for behavioral health care in the state, Oceans Healthcare opened its Lubbock location at 4202 Princeton St. earlier this year making it the provider’s 10th hospital in Texas. Oceans Lubbock also offers inpatient behavioral health treatment for individuals 50 and older.

For more information about Oceans Behavioral Hospital Lubbock, visit oceanslubbock.com. For hospital admissions criteria or referrals, please call (806) 810-4118.

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