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Substance Use Disorder

Substance use disorder recovery is a life-long journey, and healing requires constant attention. Oceans understands the specialized needs of those struggling with alcohol or chemical dependency. Our Intensive Outpatient Program for substance use disorder can be a next step following successful completion of an inpatient treatment program or as a stand-alone treatment option for individuals who require less supervision.

The Oceans Experience

Our recovery programs are not one-size-fits-all. Oceans works to create a personalized treatment plan for each patient’s individual needs. Our medical staff focuses on providing therapies for substance use disorder and associated mental health issues like depression or anxiety. Patients return home or to work at the end of the treatment day.

What We Treat

Intensive outpatient treatment for substance use disorder is designed for patients age 18 and up with alcohol or chemical dependency and co-occurring mental health issues, including:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety

Substance Use Disorder Treatment Program Features

  • Individualized treatment planning
  • Sessions up to 4 times a week for approximately 3 hours a day
  • Safe, compassionate treatment environment
  • Program oversight by board-certified or board-eligible psychiatrists
  • Family and caregiver therapy options
  • Separate and individualized care by age group
  • Monthly meetings with physicians
  • Medication education and management
  • Education to help understand diagnosis and symptoms
  • Assistance identifying early warning signs of relapse
  • Seamless discharge planning to ensure continued healing
  • Tools to support ongoing symptom management and overall well-being

Locations Offering Substance Use Disorder

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