Connecting to Purpose at Work

Jan 5th, 2017

Recently, former Oceans Behavioral Hospital patient Robert W., of Midland, TX, shared a touching note about the care he received and his caregiver:

“…(His) motivation and dedication to helping patients through hardship has greatly inspired me to become a better person once I leave here.

…He helped me see the good in my life.

…I will leave here loving who I am…”*

There are many examples in our daily work like Robert’s, reminding us why, as healthcare professionals, we do what we do.

National experts in cultivating high performing leaders maintain that having a sense of purpose, doing worthwhile work and knowing that you make a difference provide the fuel that drives employee satisfaction and engagement.* 

Research demonstrates that when workforces are engaged and aligned, they:

  • Improve patient satisfaction, quality and safety measures,
  • Produce 60 percent more innovation and
  • Stimulate business growth and return, in some cases, by 10 percent.*

Workplace Tip:  For building workplace buzz about “purpose,” try beginning work huddles with a quick patient story, and delegate a fellow colleague to share one at the next meeting. 

If you know of patient stories that illustrate purpose, we want to hear about them!  Please share them with us at


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