Top Reads in 2016

Feb 27th, 2017

Attentions Oceans Update E-readers, here are your favorite articles from 2016!  Share them with your colleagues and invite them to “join the club!”

You Job is Critical, We Can Help

Mental Illness touches everyone. One in five adults experience mental illness every year, according to the National Institute of Mental Health. May is Mental Health Month, an effort to support those experiencing mental illness, educate the public, advocate for equal care and fight for this year’s theme, Life with a Mental Illness."

You Can Prevent the 1 in 3

Each year, millions of older adults – those 65 and older – fall. Hundreds of thousands of those patients fall in hospitals, with 30-50 percent resulting in injury, according to data compiled by The Joint Commission. Injured patients require additional treatment and sometimes prolonged stays. In one study, a fall with injury added 6.3 days to the hospital stay. The average cost for a fall with injury is about $14,000. Yet, falls are still almost entirely avoidable.

Delirium vs. Dementia: Spectrum of Cognitive Decline

One of the complexities related to diagnosing patients presenting symptoms of cognitive decline is that the behavioral markers can mimic many mental disorders, and most commonly impacts the elderly. Commons symptoms that can make diagnosis more challenging include signs of memory impairment, persistent disorientation and rapid shifts in mood.

While many disorders can contribute to some or all of these observable behaviors, dementia and delirium are often difficult to distinguish, and may even present as comorbid conditions. While a misdiagnosis of dementia or delirium can occur, it can be avoided by understanding the various environmental and biological triggers.






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