Taking Care of Yourself

Jan 5th, 2017

Money, the economy, work.  The list goes on.  Those stressors top the charts for most Americans. For healthcare professionals in general, we tend to suffer from chronic disease and health issues only slightly less than the general population.

To recharge in 2017, Forbes Magazine suggests these 10 tips for busy professionals:

1. For travelers…

  • Pick a hotel with a gym.
  • Buy a guest pass at a local gym for a small fee.
  • Pack a resistance tube for a cheap, light-weight and full body workout.

2. Meals delivered…

  • Google healthy meal delivery programs in your area for options like Hello Fresh, Freshology, Chef’d and many others!
  • Get your meals delivered anywhere, even your hotel when on the road.

3. Sleep…

  • Schedule your rest, prioritize it.
  • Make sure to get the ideal 7-8 hours per night.


  • Schedule four 30-60 minute workouts per week to keep the mind sharp and body healthy. 
  • Try one weekend, a lunch break, a morning and an evening to break up the week.

5. Multitask (safely) for health…

  • Read professional literature while on the treadmill.
  • Answer emails from your phone while peddling a stationary bike.
  • Return voicemails while taking a brief walk or on the elliptical.

6. Self-motivate…

  • Write down all the benefits that personal health will bring to your life.
  • Post them in a visible place – home, work or homescreen – when you feeling like skipping a healthy choice.

7. Stay active at work…

  • Wear a headset on conference calls and pace.
  • Stand instead of sit.
  • Take the stairs.
  • Deliver email messages in person.
  • Stretch hourly.

8. When dining out…

  • Pick a healthier restaurant for healthy options.
  • Schedule dinners on the earlier side to avoid consuming high calories right before bedtime.

9. Get checked up!

  • Schedule your annual check up now.
  • Try to make it around the same time every year, like a birthday or anniversary.

10. Tune in to tech!

  • Use your smart phone and find the health app that is right for you.
  • Knowledge is power - start tracking what you eat and the biometrics that will fuel a healthy 2017!






Source: Forbes Magazine, Ten Health and Fitness Tips for Busy Entrepreneurs from Jillian Michaels


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