Inpatient 101 - What to Expect During Your Stay

Jul 19th, 2021

Preparing for an inpatient behavioral health treatment program can be overwhelming. Fear of the unknown can make patients and their family members or loved ones feel anxious.

Understanding what to expect upon arrival can help calm fears and promote program adherence to encourage long-term healing. While each patient’s treatment plan and length of stay will differ based on their unique needs, some common things patients can expect during an inpatient stay at Oceans Behavioral Hospital include:

  • Daily group therapy and care team meetings. Every patient will receive a personalized treatment plan and daily monitoring. Clinical care teams monitor an individual’s daily progress, conduct daily group therapy sessions and help manage medication. Our group therapies are uniquely designed for adolescents, adults or geriatric patients and are conducted separately by age group.
  • Meals and activities. Our inpatient treatment programs focus on overall health and well-being. Oceans Behavioral Hospital provides three nutritious meals per day, designed to meet patients’ specific dietary needs. To promote physical health, a variety of daily activities are offered.
  • Care planning with family members. At Oceans, we understand the valuable role family members play in the healing process. We offer family and caregiver therapy programs, providing educational tools and resources to help family members participate in long-term care and support. A case manager will be provided to help with long-term care planning.
  • Regular visits from family and loved ones. We know how important support from family and loved ones can be during treatment. For those patients approved to receive guests, Oceans provides for regularly scheduled visits during an inpatient stay.
  • Dedicated time to heal. While therapies and activities play an important role in the healing process, Oceans recognizes the value unscheduled time can have on recovery. Patients are given dedicated down time to recuperate and focus on treatment.
  • Plans for continued care. When it’s time to be discharged, our Oceans care teams work to ensure treatment continues. We work closely with a patient’s caregivers and primary care provider to ensure the care plan will be continued at home or in an outpatient setting. Our teams can also make recommendations for ongoing outpatient or step-down care through an Intensive Outpatient Program.

Before arriving at an Oceans facility for inpatient treatment, patients often ask what to bring. When preparing to enter treatment, plan to pack:

  • A couple of changes of clothes. Many patients will choose to participate in activities during the day, so a variety of comfortable, non-restrictive clothing is recommended.
  • Pajamas or other appropriate attire for sleeping.
  • All current medications. Our care teams will monitor medication usage during your stay and will provide medication education and management strategies.
  • Photos. A photo of family members or loved ones is permitted. Oceans staff will review and determine if the image is appropriate.
  • Reading material. You may bring reading materials. Oceans staff will review and determine if the material is appropriate.

Oceans will provide:

  • Personal hygiene items. Essentials such as toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo and combs will be provided.
  • Linens. Pillows, blankets, sheets and towels will be provided.

Knowing what to expect prior to inpatient treatment can help patients and their families feel comfortable. Learn more about Oceans Healthcare’s inpatient services here or contact your local facility for specific questions.


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