Admission Coordinator

Category: Health Care
Location: Oceans Behavioral Hospital Opelousas
Posted On: 02/13/2017

Responsibilities: Essential Functions

Make contact with referral source or referral within one hour of receiving referral information. 2. Communicate with referral source throughout the referral process to ensure referral source is aware of the progress. 3. Acts as liaison between program and referral source . 4. Maintains professional appearance and demeanor with company and referral base. 5. Develops and maintains working knowledge of mental health issues for educating referral sources. 6. Completes initial screening with appropriate data noting medical necessity and conferring with needed appropriate care givers. 7. Stays well-informed of the current mental health codes regarding admission procedures and requirements of Medical Director. 8. Maintains characteristics of patience, tact, cheerfulness and enthusiasm toward program and patients. 9. Maintains accurate documentation on expense/mileage reports and submits them on time. 10. Completes daily contact log to be filed in the IOP each day. 11. Attends appropriate interagency and networking meetings to effectively inform contacts of services available at Oceans. 12. Develops creative ways to keep referrals abreast of services provided in collaboration with the Community Liaison Director and Program Director. 13. Attends weekly Treatment meetings to inform of new admissions, learn of progress of current patients in order to have complete information available for consented referral sources. 14. Maintains confidentiality of all company and patient information at all times as observed by peers and management. 15. Attends all mandatory education programs, department meetings and all required department-specific education and training programs. Can describe his/her responsibilities related to general safety, regulatory compliance, department safety and specific job-related hazards. 16. Follows all administrative and departmental policies and procedures. 17. Exhibits professionalism in personality, appearance and integrity. 18. Wears nametag and follows appropriate dress code. 19. Uses time effectively; completes assignments within allocated time. 20. Displays a positive/effective working relationship with fellow employees and medical staff. 21. Adapts effectively and efficiently to changes in instructions, duties and assignments. 22. Communicates effectively and efficiently within the organization. 23. Understands work objectives, establishes priorities, anticipates and handles problems and carries out work activities in an orderly manner. 24. Maintains attendance within the guidelines established by Human Resources policies and procedures. 25. Performs other duties as assigned.

Qualifications: Experience Desired

  • Admissions: 1 year
  • Healthcare: 1 year

Skill Requirements:

  • Experience in healthcare



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